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3 Reasons Why Copywriting Is Important to Boost Sales 

3 Reasons Why Copywriting Is Important to the Success of Your Marketing Campaigns 

Boosting sales should on the top of every financial services marketer’s priority list. Therefore, you should understand the reasons why copywriting is important to the increment of sales – coming from both new and repeat customers. 

I have found two articles that show the importance of copywriting to the development of sales in the financial services industry. 

The first article comes from The Creative Copywriter, and it’s titled Why Copywriters are More Important Than Everyone Else in Business. Written by The Creative Copywriter’s CEO and Head Content Strategist, Konrad Sanders, this report offers reasons why copywriters are more important for the success of a business than SEO specialists, social media consultants, bloggers, accountants, and others. 

Christopher Melotti wrote the second article, and it’s titled Why Is Copywriting Important? This report from Melotti Media goes over how great copywriting benefits business, the role copywriting plays in the development of a brand, and the potential consequences of presenting poor copy to your audience. 

Why Copywriting Is Important 

Drawing from the information in the articles mentioned above, as well as my experience as a direct response copywriter, I have listed – and explained – three reasons why copywriting is important to the success of any financial services company. 

Your Copy Positions Your Business 

Great copywriting must be able to take an ordinary financial product and make it seem extraordinary. We call that positioning within the marketing industry. 

Most financial products are the same. This means the way you present will place you either above or below your competition. 

Most successful financial services copywriting uses either a Big Idea or a Big Promise to make their offers stand out. Both of those concepts highlight the unique selling proposition that your product or service has. 

Your copywriter must be capable of producing a headline and lead paragraphs that separate your offer from everyone else in the market. All while being engaging and inspiring. 

You Build Your Brand 

While I have hammered the overuse of brand marketing in the past, I don’t doubt the power of a well-defined brand in the marketing and advertising world. 

Without branding, everyone would present their products and services in the same way. Devoid of any personality whatsoever.  

Your brand sets you apart in a more subtle way than a positioning statement would. Your colors, font, and (yes) the tone of your copy is what give your product and services a personality of their own.  

I recommend – if you haven’t yet – to take an hour or two and create your brand’s personality before you write down any copy. It’ll make you more conscious of how to address your market and will make your company’s qualities and value offerings clear to you. 

If you’re looking to make your copy more engaging, investigate your brand. And apply those brand qualities into the tone of your message. You’d be glad you did. 

Your Copy Promotes Your Offers 

You write copy to sell products. 

If you’re writing without persuading your reader into taking a course of action, you’re just producing fluff. Fluff is meaningless and it amounts to nothing but wasting valuable company resources. Such as time and money. 

Claude Hopkins said it himself in Scientific Advertising – advertising is salesmanship. If you are not selling, you aren’t advertising. 

If a shoe salesperson comes at you with a neat dancing routine, then walks away without saying anything about how important a role the shoes play in their dancing, the salesperson is not doing their job right.  

If that shoe salesperson is not telling you the what’s, why’s, and how’s of buying what they’re selling (shoes), then they might as well not do anything. They might catch lightning in a bottle (a sale) occasionally – but it won’t be worth the effort. 

Your copy must promote the product. It’s the only reason for its existence. Otherwise, just put a graphic on paper and stop for the day – it’d get the same number of results as fluff copy would. 

3 Reasons Why Copywriting Is Important 

Starting today, you must understand that your copy does more than filling up space in an ad. Your copy positions the product as something unique while displaying your brand personality and letting the audience know why they should buy, as well as how to buy. That’s why copywriting is important to the success of your business. 

Do you have a comment or question about my thoughts on why copywriting is important? Leave a comment explaining your side of things. And if you think this article could be useful to someone you know, feel free to share it with them! 

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