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How Copywriting Works: 3 Ways Your Copy Gets Your Audience to Take Action 

You must understand how copywriting works. Because your copy will be the driving force behind every marketing campaign, you present the public. 

Being a professional financial services copywriter, I have found two articles that go into detail about how copywriting works. 

The first article comes from the AWAI, titled “What is Copywriting?” In the article, the author goes on to describe how copywriting works, the qualifications needed to become a copywriter, and the path to take to become one. 

Julia McCoy wrote the second article for Express Writers and titled it “How Copywriting Works: A 101 to the Writing that Fuels the Web”. In this article, McCoy goes over what a copywriter is (and what they aren’t), the role of an agency in the development of copy, and what differentiates excellent copy from your usual run-of-the-mill presentation. 

How Copywriting Works 

Drawing from the information in the articles mentioned above, as well as my experience as a financial services copywriter, here are three ways in which your copy helps your business get your audience to act: 

Copywriting Promotes Your Products 

The copy in your marketing and advertising materials should refer to what you are selling. At the very least, you must let people know what you are selling and how to get it. 

Otherwise, how do you expect people to buy what you sell? It amazes me to see advertisers go through all the lengths possible to pretend that their ads are not ads – they forget to do what companies pay them to do. And that is to promote their products. 

And yes, that happens more often than you think. Look at the Super Bowl commercials. Companies are spending millions of dollars in creating these comedic or cinematographic spots. Still, they forget to achieve the essential goal of an advertisement – let the public know of the offer they are advertising. 

When you are advertising a product or service, make sure the copy you use lets your target market know who you are, what you do, and how they can order your offer. Otherwise, you are just paying someone to be creative on TV. 

Copywriting Communicates Your Brand Message 

Something else your copy must do is to communicate your company mission or brand message to the audience. Let the market know what you would do for them. 

There are people out there promoting the agenda that “no one reads ads,” and that cannot be any falser.  

People do read ads because they want to know which products or services best serve their current or future needs. But if you do not inform your audience about what you can do and what they get out of buying your offer, then the market will indeed ignore you and go on to the next thing. 

According to Small Biz Genius, 4 in every 10 Americans of all ages look forward to checking their mailbox. Yes – people are still interested in what financial brands have to say. Because they still need the help of financial services to solve a problem or achieve personal/professional goals. 

Make sure to communicate your brand clearly and concisely to your audience when advertising an offer. That’d give your prospects the reasons they need to buy from you. 

Copywriting Positions Your Business 

One significant benefit of copywriting I see often been out under the rug is that it helps you position your financial services within the market. In the marketing world, they call this exercise, “creating your unique selling proposition.” 

Take the time to let your audience know what sets your offer apart from everyone else. You’d be able to differentiate yourself from every similar proposal in the market. And in the process, you’d be able to create a more defined target – the ones who are looking for financial services delivered the way you do. 

Think of the national banks – each delivers the same services nationwide. But each does so in a different manner – and they like to point it out to their prospective customers. That’s their way of positioning themselves to the market: “Hey! Come to us, and we’ll give you ABC in XYZ way.” 

When you write copy for advertising, make sure to let the audience know what sets you apart from everyone else. And make that point as clear as you can. 

Get Your Audience to Act 

Now that you understand how copywriting works, make sure it does the job for you. Look to promote your offers instead of presenting a standup routine seriously. Deliver a clear, concise brand message to your audience. And make clear what sets you apart from everybody else. 

Do you have a comment or question about how copywriting works? Leave a comment explaining your side of things. And if you think this article could be useful to someone you know, feel free to share it with them!

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