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How Financial Services Marketers Can Expand Their Audience and Establish Their Brand Using Copywriting for Social Media 

Improving your copywriting for social media should be a top priority if you are looking to set up an online presence. 

You have a fantastic opportunity with social media to expand your market reach by creating a brand that appeals to as wide an audience as you wish. That’s why it’s so important that you understand the impact your social media copy has, and how you can take full advantage of it. 

Today, I’m highlighting two articles that offer valuable information on social media. And then, I will present you three action steps that you can take to improve your copywriting for social media right away. 

The first article comes from Social Media Examiner. Michael Stelzner authored the report, titled Phrases That Sell: 8 Copywriting Tips, tells you why copywriting matters to social media marketers. You get reasons why your marketing should talk about your market’s problems. And – as the title suggests – you get 8 copywriting for social media tips to make persuasive social marketing campaigns. 

Coschedule is the home for our next article. Ben Salier wrote The Best Social Media Copywriting Guide to Be a Social Word Ninja, and it offers several resources to work on social media copy. Among the resources, you get Coschedule’s Social Message Optimizer, Power Words to Write Emotional Headlines, and 6 Basic Copywriting Formulas That Work Well on Social Media. Amongst various other social marketing topics, you will also understand the purpose of the main social channels, character limits, and hashtag usage. 

3 Action Steps to Improve Your Copywriting for Social Media 

Drawing from the articles I mentioned above, as well as my experience as a direct response copywriter, here are three action steps you can take right away to enhance your copywriting for social media. 

Study Your Analytics 

How can you fix anything if you don’t understand what’s right or wrong about the situation? 

Taking a moment to interpret the data from places like Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, and the likes will let you know what brings your audiences in – what you should do more of, and what you should toss aside.  

I recently watched an episode of The Journey (from Social Media Examiner) where the SME team realized long videos are not getting it done on Facebook. They came to that conclusion after exploring Facebook Insights. From there they understood that they had to produce shorter videos and went on to do so. But they wouldn’t have gotten there if they didn’t look at their analytics. 

The data is there to help you. Use it.  

Before you try to fix anything about your copywriting, study your analytics. 

Develop “Highway” Content 

Think of the billboards you see as you drive by. They are short announcements made to let you know about some event/person/thing. The great ones are short and straight to the point. And that’s how your copywriting for social media should be. 

People – and their short attention spans – are scrolling through social media looking to consume information quickly. As soon as they see a long paragraph, they skip to the next thing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t’ lead your audience to longer articles or videos through social media. 

During a conversation with AWAI (American Writers and Artists Institute), Neil Patel discussed the growing trend of bite-sized content. He went on to describe how people are looking for quick, on-demand content, and how bite-sized education is a fantastic way to promote your offers. 

Your copywriting for social media should be bitesize. Educate your audience with a couple of sentences and offer the way to look for more.  

Develop content for the social media highway – straight to the point. 

Talk About Pains 

One of the best tools direct marketers have – and seem to forget they do – is empathy. Talking about the pain of losing something they care about. Because people will quickly get that you have gone through a comparable situation. 

People need to understand the severity of a situation before they act. And talking to the audience about the pains they have endured – or are about to – gives them a clearer picture of what your market is – or could be – facing.  

For instance: if you are a financial planner, tell your audience about how complicated it could get when you go about your finances all by yourself. Stockbrokers should let investors know how placing money in the wrong places could cost them to go broke – or worse.  

Talk about the pains the situation you want to solve bring before you even mention your offer. It will put the reader in the right frame of mind to invest in you. 

Copywriting for Social Media 

Starting today, you should be able to produce better copywriting for social media. Look at your analytics to see what works. Then see if you can fix what is not working by turning it into bite-sized content. And don’t forget to talk about the pains of the consumer to get them in the right frame of mind to act. 

Do you have a comment, suggestion, or question about copywriting for social media? Leave a comment explaining your side of things. And if you think this article could be useful to someone you know, feel free to share it with them! 

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